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Moved to phones and tablets


Android is the operating system. You don't overclock the operating system. You would overclock the processor (Snapdragon etc).

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2 hours ago, Arivunithi said:

Can anyone overclock any Android

If you are able to root and install a custom kernal that allows for easy over locking, then yes. Is a root solution available? Is custom kernal available? That would be on a case-by-case basis for every phone model.


2 hours ago, Arivunithi said:

Also please make video about it


Awareness is key. Never enough, even in the face of futility. Speak the truth as if you may never get to say it again. This world is full of ugly. Change it they say. The only way is to reveal the ugly. To change the truth you must first acknowledge it. Never pretend it isn't there. Never bend the knee.


Please quote my post in your reply, so that I will be notified and can respond to it. Thanks.

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5 hours ago, Arivunithi said:

Can anyone overclock any Android . Also please make video about it

Why would you want to? It would just create heat and drain the battery faster. Generally phone manufacturers clock them to what’s best thermally and efficiency wise.

Dirty Windows Peasants :P ?

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It was a huge thing 10 years ago.

I remember my Motorola Milestone having a 550 Mhz 1-Core CPU, which i could easily OC to 800~ Mhz. Some others even hit 1 Ghz.


But today? Nope. Not worth at all. forget it.

A Smartphone doesn't have enough performance? Buy a faster one.

Even if you OC it, the difference will be way too small to make a difference.


... If the CPU + GPU can even be overclocked by more than a few single %.

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Get a new battery and root it. But honestly, it’s time for a new phone.

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