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Dns issue with loading some things, sometimes

Hello guys, ive been struggling with one issue on my home network for a while now.

What is happening is some things just wouldnt load at all, some only load partialy, and no idea how to deal with it.

Examples of things that would load: on any android most bank apps would timeone on login screen, but its all good if i load on lte and switch to wifi when im already connected.

some youtube videos dont load, but others does with no problem at all. Twitch on my pc(windows 10) works but twitch app on my mobile phone is stucked on buffering video when im on wifi, but works if i start on lte and then swap to wifi.

another think is all the fandom com pages loads very slow, and only loads without any css, it works ok when im not on my home network.

i tried flushing dns, doesnt help, tried switching to cloudflare dns and some others, doesnt help. would probably help if i could change settings on my router, but my ISP doesnt allow me to.

on my mobile i have found a work around - im using cloudflare "with wrap" and it just works, but still doesnt on my pc, and it still drains some battery on mobile so i would rather find some other way to deal with it.

i even wanted to change my ISP but i live in rural area and the only other isp is even worse.

also i just tried on my virtual machine that is running fedora, everything works there for some reason, so i know there must be some simple solution but i just couldnt find it, so please help. i tried disabling window defender and firewall - it helped with the fandom com website, but not with the youtube not loading some videos

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How does the ISP not allow you to change your router settings? Do they change the default user and pass to sign into it or something? Have you tried Google's DNS server? If your ISP really locked you out of the router settings then buy a new one online or from a store that sells them and replace the one they installed. You can then edit the settings and change the actual router DNS to Google's which in my experience has been really responsive and very stable. If it's working fine on a virtual machine maybe try doing a format and reinstall of the OS or an inplace upgrade, could just be an issue with your current OS install.

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