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My pc keeps crashing when starting Windows Mixed Reality

I feel like this is a problem nobody is getting. Yesterday, everything ran fine. There were no issues at all, and it felt as smooth as a baby's bottom. Today, however, I got job simulator and wanted to play. So I plug in my headset, launch mixed reality portal, and I get into the hub world. Before I could do anything, it crashed. By crash, I don't mean the portal crashed, I mean my entire pc just switched off. I have tried absolutely everything. From putting my computer on wood, because maybe the psu wasn't getting proper air, reinstalling mixed reality, just trying over and over, updating all the drivers I could update, ect... what else is nobody but me is having this issue. Please guys, I beg you.

My pc specs are:

AMD RX 590 8GB fatboy

FX-6300 six core

600W evga psu

8GB ram

BIOS version F1

Windows 10 64-bit

If anyone needs me to elaborate on anything, please ask. I'm tuckered out.


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