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Left ear bud ripped out. Can I fix it?

They are cx 300s from Sennheiser, I bought them about 6 months ago and unfortunately this morning they ripped off. Anything is helpful :).


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Unless you've studied some microtechnology, No. Its such small tedious work that you'll need special tools and what not. Which costs more than the earbuds

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Has it ripped off mid way through the cable or has the ear bud fully come off?

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Sorry, no can do, the cables are so small and thin that you should just get new ear buds.

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depending on how the cable got ripped, it can be fixed with minor soldering, those wires could be some kind of insulator or protection against snapping. sometimes, the actual wires is just 5-10 strands per wire . if it was ripped part way in the wire, it is easily fixed. but if it got ripped from the base, that might be a bit harder.




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You could probably attach a new wire, I don't think you will be able to easily fix this cable. There are a lot of tutorials about re-wiring the Sony MH755, you can watch those and see whether you can do the same and whether you think it's worth it.

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I have soldered on a new cable once or twice, the hard part is figuring out which cable does what. there's a ground, left and right channel (in the main cable before the splitter thing) and if there's a mic, a cable for that too. the individual cables are usually really really thin and covered with some stuff I think is for insulation maybe. as long as you're not swapping to a new cable, you can essentially just strip back some of the rubber around the cable to expose the wires inside, if they are covered with color coded insulating stuff you can burn it off with a lighter, but be gentle. then just match the cables by color, solder them together, use heatshrink or electrical tape and to cover the wires individually and then as a complete package, and then you should be good. 


did this to swap a cable to a new one once, and another time I had a phone without a headphone jack (good old HTC Touch Cruise with Windows Mobile 6.0 and just a USB Mini B port). came with a set of awful earbuds, I cut off the cable right after the microphone and soldered on cables for a Koss Porta Pro and used that for half a year until I could afford a better phone. 


do this at your own risk however, I do not guarantee it'll work, especially if you do not have any experience soldering. 

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