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Dell T5400 will not boot from USB.

Hey guys I have one of these old Dell T5400 with the dual Xeon's and I want to use it as a cheap server for temp data. The problem is I cant get the goddamned thing to boot. I loaded a bunch of different ISO's (Win 10, Server 2012, Server 2016 etc.) into a Yumiboot flash drive and I tried every single one and they give me the same page that's on the picture below, and then just boot back into the Yumiboot menu.


Anybody got any ideas on what's going on?


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47 minutes ago, Hoize said:

maybe the jumpdrive has a problem. are you using usb 2.0 with 3.0 ?

Yeah I got nothing but 3.0 drives. I've tried 4 of them so far. They're detected by the BIOS and everything, they just wont load the OS image.

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I had this problem quite a while ago and my system booted when i was using a 2.0 drive

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I had an old dell Poweredge that would not let me boot to a windows installer from a usb device. I had to install windows to a drive on another computer, boot to that and then install every driver I could find on dell's website. After that everything worked fine, you may want to dig through the bios and see if there are any settings for usb or the boot order. If you can force the board to treat the usb like a hdd or fdd then it may work

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I figured it out. I was actually getting an error that said "multiple processors are not supported. The problem was that I had mismatching CPU's in the system. So I ordered 2 new matching CPU's and when I get them in, I'll pop em in and see if they solve the issue. Right now I got the system running with one CPU and Windows installed just fine.

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