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How do I transfer Ethereum to Coinbase?

Hey. I have some Ethereum in my balance at myetherwallet from mining. How can I transfer this to Coinbase?

Edit: Preferably step by step. I'm new to all this.

Main:  1650 v2   @ 4,6GHz   -   X79 Deluxe                -   GTX 1080 @ 2000MHz   -   24GB DDR3 @ 2400MHz / CL10

Side:   i7-4790K @ 4,5GHz   -   Maximus 7 Hero        -   GTX 1070 @ 2114MHz    -  16GB DDR3 @ 2666MHz / CL12



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Generate a deposit address, but maybe find a way to spend it directly... spendabit.co is a neat search for things you buy with cryptocurrencies.


WARNING! Coinbase forces KYC, so your money will be locked until you provide some document copies!

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Once you signup and confirmed with Coinbase, you get a wallet address for every coin they support. Then you can send/receive as you please... And do be aware of the KYC mentioned previously

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