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Hello guys, so I am in a large dilemma. I am considering purchasing surface product for studies because of the 3:2 aspect ratio. I will use it only in school and bus. In my head tablet functionality would be great in buss and for taking notes, but on other hand laptop has no leg to prop it up, etc. I will not use it for gaming or powerful tasks. Because I have decent desktop at home.


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Yes, that can be an option for it. 


Another thing you can consider is getting a tablet with a keyboard and pen. You can write notes, type in google docs, etc.... Do whatever needs to be done. Might be easier on you to manage a tablet rather than another computer. 


Samsung has a number of tablets. Look one up and find a case with a keyboard and a pen. maybe a Samsung Tab A. might be cheaper too when you put it all together. Heck, maybe even a bluetooth mouse?  



Really a tablet that you can find the attachments for. Maybe start another thread if youre looking for recommendations on a tablet for such a purpose.


Either way both ways meet your requirements. 

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Budget? For notes, study and stuff like printing at a school or uni I will bang on about MacBooks until the cows come home. Cheaper option I would say an iPad with the pencil as you can write which is great for maths and natural science work as even the lowest end iPad (non air) support the pencil now (just watch out for which version of the pencil). 

Dirty Windows Peasants :P ?

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