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Should I add 8GB 2666 RAM or 16GB 2400 RAM to my Laptop's empty slow (Currently has 16GB 2666 in the other slot)

I have a Gigabyte Aero 15w (2018, i7 8750H, GTX 1060, 16GB 2666 Kingston RAM) which has an empty slot. I can find compatible RAM sticks for it, but my options are limited (By affordability and availability) to either 8GB 2666 or 16GB 2400. I wanted to know what would be better for an overall performance boost. The primary goal is to go from single channel to dual channel, but obviously looking for the most bang for the buck to upgrade.


I live in India and will be purchasing parts via Amazon or Newegg Global shipping!


Thanks in advance for anyone reading this :)

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16gb for proper dual channel mode. 

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If you ad the 16gb 2400Mh, the PC will run at 2400Mhz, not wise .....

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For performance boost? None of them. For few percent performance increase in some tests - 16 GB that will work in dual. But I suggest to focus on something else if you really want to spend some money.

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The only empty slot is RAM :(

The question then becomes, what is better for gaming performance - 16+16GB at 2400Mhz or 16+8GB at 2666?

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