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Should i upgrade GPU or CPU first ?

Go to solution Solved by boggy77,

Get gpu and monitor now, you'll see a big increase in performance. You can upgrade cpu and mobo later. You will probably be limited by the cpu after the upgrade, but not by much.

My current system has: I5-6600 non-K, 16Gb RAM 2400Mhz, GTX 970, 1080p 60Hz monitor

I want to play 1440p with 60 fps or higher and aim to replace my GTX 970 and 1080p monitor with 2070 super and 1440p monitor

but worried about bottleneck so i should upgrade CPU first (want to replace I5-6600 with 3800x, 9700k or 9900k) or just ignore the bottleneck

and go straight for GPU and monitor, i only have enough money for GPU and monitor or CPU, mobo ?

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definitely go gpu monitor, I have friends who still game on 4th and 5th Gen i5s

My build

Ryzen 5 2600 @3.95ghz

Cryorig M9a

Gigabyte x470 Ultra Gaming

Gigabyte RX 590 @1720mhz

2x8 Corsair LPX Vengeance 2933

ASUS Wireless card


Cougar MX330G


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