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Differences in RAM modules

I ordered 2x8 corsair vengeance 3200 mhz and to my pleasant surprise when my package arrived I noticed that I was sent two packs of 2x8 modules (32 gb total). When I looked at the pricing online, I noticed that 4x8 of the same ram was quite a bit more than double the price of 2x8. So my question is, why not just buy two packs of 2x8 and save $30 or however much the amount was? Is there any difference in performance? I am running all four modules currently and was wondering if this has the same effect of buying the 4x8 package.



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Motherboard: MSI B450 Tomahawk Max   ~   PSU: Corsair CX 650M   ~   Cooling: Corsair ML120 Pro   ~   Storage: Adata 512 GB NVME SSD

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Stability with overclocking or low end platforms or just not having enough ram slots. For the layman it’s 0 difference.

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5 minutes ago, Jumballi said:

Stability with overclocking or low end platforms or just not having enough ram slots. For the layman it’s 0 difference.



Technically, for the highest of overclocks populating all 4 dimm slots will reduce your overclock, but we are talking about the very extreme... @ernie mills for any normal PC, it makes no difference.

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Also . often with just some voltage increase and proper timings setup you can run DDR3 or DDR @ well above stock clocks.


Only issue is you dont always get the auto profiles of higher clocks so you need to research a bit. 

Asus X299 TUF Mark 2 - Intel 7900X (@4.8GHZ) - 64GB Corsair Vengence RGB Pro @ 3200mhz - PC-5700XT Liquid Devil - WB Black 1TB NVME -EVGA 1300W G2
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The kits are validated as a kit, if you get two separate 2x8 kits they are not guaranteed to work together at the rated speed whereas a 4x8 kit is.

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