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Laptop for Light Gaming / Photo Editing

Hi everyone,


New here so apologies if there are forum rules I am missing.


I haven't kept up with laptops in awhile and I could use some recommendations.  I'm looking for something that can handle light gaming (mostly indie titles, maybe low/med AAA) and photo editing (typically lightroom).  I have powerful rig at home, so that covers more intensive tasks.  Ideally I would like a 1440p panel (touch is nice but not necessary) and to keep it on the portable side (both size and having good I/Os).  Also nothing overly "gamer" in the aesthetics, I need it to look professional.  Something like Razer's current design is fine, but the older glowing logo from a few years ago would not work (RGB keys are fine so long as I can customize them).  Budget is tentatively <=$2,000.  That's not a target or a hard stop, but if you have recommendations that meet the needs and comes in lower that is fantastic.


Appreciate any feedback!

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From Razer you could get the Razer Blade Stealth 13 or Razer Blade 15. Neither models offer a 1440p option, but the Stealth can be outfitted with a 4K Touchscreen, 10th Gen CPU, and 1650 Max-Q, which would likely be sufficient for indie games and photo editing. Note that the 4K display will result in worse battery life than an equivalent specced laptop with a FHD screen. If you get the Blade 15 you could get the 2060, FHD 144Hz display, and 9th Gen CPU. The Blade 15 would undoubtedly blow through anything that your workflow would throw at it and have room for more demanding tasks in the future.


The Blade Stealth costs $1,899.99 for the 4K Touchscreen or $1,499.99 for the FHD non-touch screen.


The Blade 15 costs $1,799.99 with the 2060 and FHD 144Hz display or $1,599.99 for 1660Ti and FHD 144hz display.


These are what I would recommend from Razer's lineup but there are definitely other brands that you could look into like MSI or ASUS (I haven't kept up with these brands so I can't offer up any recommendations).

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5 hours ago, Jodoe said:

1440p panel

Is this a must? Pixel density of 1080p is already high in laptops, moreover scaling is still an issue in Windows

5 hours ago, Jodoe said:

portable side

Max weight in kg/lbs? Also, prefer minimum how many hours of battery life?


Are you buying in US?

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