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Large, comfy headphones for TV that support aptX LL?

As title really, I'm looking for any advice on nice comfortable, large headphones for a big head that support aptX LL over Bluetooth?



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There doesn't seem to be very many headphones that support aptX LL, nor does it seem like many major brands carry such headphones. Included below is a link to the aptX website showing all the aptX LL headphones officially certified by Qualcomm.




Alternatively, you could purchase some sort of adapter to enable wireless/bluetooth connectivity on a pair of wired headphones that you already like. One such option would be purchasing the Audio Technica ATH-M50X and the FiiO BTA10 adapter. For a headphone agnostic adapter you could go for something like the FiiO BTR1K, the FiiO BTR3, the Avantree Lock or the Avantree AS70.


Note: In order to use headphones that support the aptX LL codec, it is necessary to have a source that also supports aptX LL. This is where the Avantree Lock takes the lead because it includes both a transmitter and receiver that transmits aptX LL. The other adapters only include a receiver/adapter for headphones.

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