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I'm looking for a desk

 that is large and can comfortably fit 3 of my monitors i have a 1 27 inch curved monitor and 2 24inch monitors


and under 100£

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One common hack is to buy an unframed door blank with no handle hole.  It doesn’t solve the problem of legs.  They are big though.

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Loving my Linnmon, but two things to keep in mind:

1. If you want it under a hundred, you'll be getting super basic legs. Drawers will triple the price.

2. If you plan on putting a lot of weight on it, make sure to install the fifth leg in the middle. I don't have the fifth leg, but when I had my PC and two monitors in the middle of my desk it would bow noticably, and still feels slightly bowed even though I put my PC on the ground (though I did add a third monitor and a heavy aluminium stand).

Quote me to see my reply!


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Older picture, but I did the Ikea desk w/legs and used a triple monitor stand.  Those are 2x 27" and a 32" monitor.



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Still have to clean a bit on the left, but with a similar layout i was able to fit three 27in monitors in landscape on one of the Ikea Bekant Desk. IDK how much they are there but the under desk support and netting it helps with cable management. i have 2 of the 63" ones and loving it since a friends pc can plug in next to mine and we can game together, or I could work on one at the same time. (Photo is washed out because my room is using 3 2k-2.2k lumen daylight white bulbs)


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You could go ikea. Personally i dont think they are worth the price though.


If you are somewhat handy you could easily build a nice table top with the exact dimensions you need for fairly cheap.


Legs are easy as well. Depending on the height you need itll cost you less the $10 in 4x4s. Or use small filing cabinets as legs.

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My desks I all got second hand. My main desk is an IKEA Galant corner desk which costed me 15 euros, my secondary desk costed me 20 euros (IKEA Malm).

Works like a champ for a low price.


There will always be people moving or renovating houses and thus needing to get rid of good equipment for low prices.

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I use a desk and a night stand from IKEA and I've been happy with them. I got them both used in really good condition for $100. My recommendation is find something used if you're not willing to build something yourself. There are always people looking to get rid of perfectly good furniture fast at a huge discount. 




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I was given this desk way back in about 2008, it's a simple pine one but it's HUGE!!! can easily fit 3x27" monitors and the leg gap alone is around 4ft wide and the drawers are so deep that it's hard to find stuff in them.


It's starting to look a little tired now... the whole thing could do with a sand & a stain in a lighter colour to match my other white oak style units in my home office, and some new handles.


So don't knock a freebie if you can find it... things like this people struggle to sell due to the style and will often give away for free... All you need to do is collect it. So it's worth taking a look at local ads. You may even find something more suitable within your budget.


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Well, IKEA is always cheap and good. But as far as tables, shelves and dressers go... well, there’s no shortage of practically « free » furniture in the used class fields. Especially in May/June/July/August when most people move. However, right now is the worst time in the year to buy furniture. (But it’s a really good time to buy audio gear, people are upgrading their setups on Xmas) 

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I went to Lowes and bought my own piece of wood. Had it measured to exactly the size I wanted. If you want to make it yourself you'll stay well below $100. Just find good legs on Amazon or something.


  • Measure how big you want.
  • Talk to someone at Lowes/Home Depot and choose your wood.They'll cut it for you.
  • Get veneer and paint. Veneer is easy with a clothing iron. Paint a couple coats.
  • Drill in stands. 
  • ??????
  • Profit.
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I would also second the DIY approach like @Andrewf suggested if you're on a tight budget, though the Ikea way isn't too bad either. (It can be "lower quality" IMO though, since the cheap tabletops from IKEA are basically hollowed out paper shells)

For example
This could serve as the table top

(this one is "sanded" for a smooth surface and is nearly 2cm thick for for rigidity. You can ask the store to cut it or even curving the sides for comfort)

As for the legs, you can either get actual legs from the store or even use 2x4 (or 4x4 for extra thicc legs) to make 'em yourself.
You can look up DIY desks online to know how to make it. It's easy enough if you the tools(a saw and a drill is usually enough) and the patience to do it. Like these



(may need to add supports in the middle as well depending on how long you'd want it)


And then, while you could paint it and be done with it, I'm personally partial to staining and then covering it with a few coats of clear varnish(or use a varnish that gives a color instead). This gives a really good looking and smooth finish. Not to mention how the varnish makes the desk near waterproof and harder to scratch out the surface once fully dried.


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