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Troubleshooting Forum - How To Use The "mark Solved" Feature


Go to solution Solved by Slick,

This is an example of "Solved"

On 3/19/2021 at 4:06 PM, gloop said:

a) That post is close to 8 years old

b) Following the link leads to a 404 page

It can be suspicious anyways.....

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28 minutes ago, YesImThatGuy said:

It can be suspicious anyways.....

a) The link is community.invisionpower.com, which is the software that this forum runs off of.  If you follow the top-level domain it redirects you to invisioncommunity.com. By saying the link is suspicious, you are saying that the software that runs this forum is suspicious, so I'd advise you delete your account and request for all personal data to be removed.

b) What do you mean by 'it can be suspicious anyways'? It literally redirects to a 'We could not locate the item you are trying to view' error, with no threat of malware, etc.

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On 4/28/2013 at 2:27 AM, LinusTech said:

This thread is meant to demonstrate how the "Mark Solved" feature works in this sub-forum. The original poster may flag any post within the responses as the best answer by clicking "Mark Solved" and it will float to the top for anyone who views the thread in the future.


I'm not really sure how this works. Is there anyone that can help me (hopefully Slick)

I gotta be honest - Im Quite ADHD. (Colloquial and Diagnosed)
Point being, I dont even remember to [Like] [Share] or [Subscribe] to 'Youtube' stuff either.
Its not an inherent laziness - Its either Forgetting, or busy'ness (leading to forgetting)
= The best system is a [Deadline:Revisit]
- in which after making a maximum amount of posts, One must revisit with an X,Y,Z selection

A.) [Solved: By which post],
B.) [Unsolved: (By the users opinion.)
(Maybe it was solved, but they dont comprehend it and litigating that would be a nightmare)] and
C.) [Unsure if this was resolved]...
- like an honest version of the worst case former.
- Or its still underway.

and if you archive a thread, i recommend it be moved to an [Ongoing] and not just [Locked] Cause if you make it automatic, you never know when something is just "Really in Depth"

anyways thats my opinion.

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*smh* I've lost count already of how many people I've seen mark their own post as the solution when it was someone else that figured it out. As they say, you can't fix stupid.

OP: My PC cuts off and crashes. Is the 1000W PSU enough?  ME: 1000W is plenty, PSU or system board could be faulty. Get both tested.

OP: I don't think so, both parts were purchased last week.        😒  Why bother asking if you second-guess the advice?

Friends don't let friends use Apple.                                              NOTE: Recently diagnosed autistic. I don't intend to ruffle anyone's feathers.

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