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Need recommendation for a Workstation for Solidworks

I wanted to build a workstation for engineering design using solidworks.

I don't usually perform simulations and stuff but I use it only for 3d modelling and assembly (sometimes large and over 3000 parts). And i use only a single monitor with VGA.


I was currently looking into quadro series for a graphics card but i don't know how much better they are from the GT series.
Budget is around 60000 rupees ~ 850$.

Motherboard - Gigabyte H31 9th gen
CPU - i5 9th gen 9400f 

RAM - 16 GB ddr4 crucial

SSD - 240 GB SSD kingston

Hard drive - 1TB

GPU - Quadro preferably (was thinking of a k4200 since it's available for 18000 now on amazon.in)


Please help me build a system.


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4 hours ago, boggy77 said:

I would go for ryzen if solidworks supports multithreading. Currently, solidworks is cpu bound, so investing more in a cpu than a gpu makes sens. I would build a system around a ryzen 5 3600 with your budget and see what's left for a pro card.

Solidworks doesn't support multi-threading, so cores with the best single core performance were preferred. 

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