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Clonezilla disk copy interrupted (winload error)

I wanted to use Clonezilla to clone my old SDD onto my new M.2 drive. I selected beginner mode and chose my old drive as source and my new m2 as target. I chose to fix bad sectors and errors when I was prompt (I don't know why I did that, the disk was fine). After that it started doing something (screen filled with gibberish with ETA time and transfer rate mixed in) at that point I assumed that it started cloning/repairing so I gave it some time. After 10 minutes I saw that the ETA time has reached 10 hours. I thought that I messed up with the settings and wanted to try again. I stopped the process using CTRL+C and it resulted in kernel panic. At that point I wanted to boot with my old drive to check if it was still working. First two attempts resulted in BSODs (the code had someting to do with ntfs). After some more attempts I just started getting windows 0xc00000f error (Your PC/device needs to be repaired File: \WINDOWS\system32\winload.exe). It gives me three options 1. Try Again (screen flashes and shows the same message) 2. F8 For Startup Settings 3. F9 to use a different operating system (i can choose between Windows 10 and Windows 10 Home)


Things I already tried:

  • Startup Settings ==> Automatic Repair ==> Fail
  • Command Prompt ==> chkdks /F /R on disk 0 results in "[...] This disk is write protected [...]"
  • Command Prompt ==> bootrec /fixboot ; bootrec /scanos ; bootrec /RebuildBcd ==> Reboot and nothing changes
  • Choose a different operating system ==> Windows 10 ==> back to the Recovery screen
  • Choose a different operating system ==> Windows 10 Home ==> Gave me the same Recovery screen but when I went into Startup Settings and chose Auomatic repair it showed me the windows logo and Diagnozing your PC text under it. After that it asked me to choose the user, I selected my windows username and provided the password. It loads someting for a while and then says that it couldn't indetify the problem.
  • Choose a different operating system ==> Windows 10 Home ==> Continue into windows ==> I get a black screen (the monitor is receving signal though) my mouse turns on and off in aprox. 9 sec intervals and the hard drive LED on my case shows disk usage (repeating patern), which suggests that it's in a loop

My Goal:

I'd like to be able to repair my windows installation. If that's not possible I'd atleast want to be able to access my files from that drive.


Additional Info:

  • My OS: Windows 10 Home ver. 1909 64bit
  • BIOS reset to defaults
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