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Old HDD and new SSD not detected by BIOS

Hi everyone.


I upgraded my wife's PC with my older Motherboard, CPU and RAM, and added her HDD to that rig.  Also added a brand new SSD.  Bios does not detect the new drive or the old drive.


Strange thing is, the DVD ROM is detected when the exact same SATA port and cable is used.  And why would the brand new SSD also not be detected at all?


Before testing the new SSD, I thought the HDD had failed.  The first time I started, it seemed as though the Windows loading screen came up - now automatically booting from the HDD - but then a very quick blue screen led to a sudden restart of the computer.  After that the motherboard did not want to detect ANY harddrive at all.  But still, the DVD ROM is detected..


Can anyone help with a solution please?


Thanks in advance!

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