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Hi guys sorry if this is a stupid question. i am building my first computer from ground up and im really confused about where to place the radiator. the case im using is the corsair spec-06 rgb. there is no space to place it at the top so im forced to mount i in the front. so the confusing part for me is that neither the push nor pull config make any sense to me. if i use push config then no air is entering the case and if i use a pull config then only warm air enters the case. could anyone please explain how this works? thanks.  

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Use the back fan as air in and front fan as case airflow and cpu radiator air out

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Nope.  You got it.  The warm air isn’t all that warm though so pull works adequately, generally.  Part of it is modern CPUs just don’t make all that much heat compared to earlier ones.

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Use the arrows on the fans. make the air blow into the case while having the fans on the front of the rad.

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On 12/1/2019 at 4:14 PM, zringa said:

Hi guys sorry if this is a stupid question. 

The air that's pulled through the radiator isn't hot, it's just a few degrees warmer than the air in your room. The air doesn't get as hot as the cpu (I guess this might be your concern).

Pull air into the case, it will be fine.

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