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Ryzen Master OC Crashes VS Works OK with BIOS OC

Hello everyone

I have the BIOS setup ready for OC, all the LLC, Memory, voltage, etc. My idea was to set the CPU to the max clockspeed at the min voltage(currently 3.7GHz @ 1.1v) and change it in OS to my 4,2GHz@1.35v when I want(for content creation, gaming, etc.). The issue I have is when I boot at 3.7GHz@1.1v and change the OC to 4,2GHz@1.35v with Ryzen Master, it crashes instantly BUT if I boot at 4.2GHz, everything is fine, I can downclock and overclock with Ryzen Master.

Any ideas on what could cause this issue? Thx 

CPU: R7 2700
MOBO: Asus X470 Crosshair Formula VII


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I have the same issue, applying OC with Ryzen Master is still unstable/crashes

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