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Prime z390-a, NVLINK and FE 2070 super

Do I need a 2, 3 or 4 slot nvlink for the setup?


Asus prime z390-a 

RTX 2070 super FE x2 

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@Faisal A I don't think it's that simple. I need to know if the spacing of my board requires a longer slot setting. I definitely know that that 2 GPU's use 3 slot spacing because of card size and board spacing. I just need to know where my specific setup falls.


Thank your for your reply.

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I hate the way Nvidia and partners refer to the spacing differently.


Looking at your Prime Z390-A motherboard, the 2nd full PCIE slot is 3 slots spacing below the first one.


However, some companies will say you need a 4-slot bridge (there are 4 slots of spacing used total if you count the top card as 1, 2 and 3 are empty, and 4 is the bottom card), while other companies will call it a 3 slot bridge because the bottom card is 3 slots lower than the top card.


If you want an Asus bridge, the way they do it is count from the slot below the top card so if you look at your MB, starting 1 slot below the top card you'd count 1-2-3 for the second card, so 3 slot.


Looking at Asus illustration and Nvidia's own they are the same so either a Nvidia brand or Asus brand NVLink bridge you'd need a '3 slot'.

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