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DRAM Light No Post Aorus B450 M

Afternoon folks. I am putting together a media pc with the following specs and am having a problem.


Aorus M B450 V1 MB

16GB (2 x 8GB) Vengence LPX DDR 4 Mem (3000mhz)

SN 500 WD Blue NvME drive

4 x 8TB Barracuda drives (sata)


The problem:


According to the manufacturer, the board is M.2 NVMe compatible, M. The drive I have, the WD Blue SN500 is both B+M. When I boot with the nvme attached, the machine wont post and shows red "DRAM" light. When I take it out, it does post.


I have already updated the bios (just incase). Have gone through the process of checking every connection on the board, reseated the processor, ram etc just to make sure. But it just wont boot. Any ideas folks? Is there some arsy option I have to enable in the bios?


Cheers in advance






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