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Questions about Phanteks Shift X (Rad Support, Mini-DTX)



i'm thinking about a build in the phanteks shift x (the bigger version). I really love ITX builds, but most cases for ITX dont support 280 Rads and the 2 i know of dont suit the style i'm looking for. I'm willing to mod the Shift X to give it more air flow for the rad. My question is: If you put in a 280 Rad, does there still fit a rad at the bottom? like a 120 slim? Also does a slim Rad with a slim fan fit next to the board? I want an overclocked i5 and a overclocked 2070 super both with waterblocks (so i can stay with the more nicer glass sides), but want as much cooling capacity as this case can fit.


Second question: I'm not sure but from the pictures and videos (like the one from Kyle @bitwit ) it seems to me that there could be enough space for a Mini DTX Board but i could be mistaken. Jay said not long ago that it wont fit the smaller version of the case. Has anyone looked already into that?



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As another user on the forum ages ago discovered, the shift x does indeed only support either a 280mm front rad, or a 120/140mm front and 120mm bottom.

You cannot fit both a 280 and a 120 in it front and bottom. Also keep in mind only slim rads will fit with fans in the case. 30mm max apparently.


The case on phanteks website says it only supports mITX, and I dont know it well enough to say anything past that, so no help for the second question from me lol.


Here however, is a link to the others users build in the same case. 

Thread is super dead, so no necro tho lol



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It doesn't support DTX mobo.


Streacom DA2 support both 280mm rad and mDTX mobo. Not sure if it is your type.

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