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images: for ppl that use lots of image apps

image app/site where you can it takes 2 images and auto-puts them side by side into 1 image


1. has to only take a few steps

2. image app has to do this by itself


there was an image app a long time ago that does this, i've no idea what the name was tho


maybe there's something that is current & better


since many ppl dont use many image apps, this may be a hard find

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Search for "photo stitcher". I haven't used this kind of functionality since Picasa.

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Also, if you love command line, probably imagemagik. In Photoshop, you can make "Actions" (kindda macros) and apply that action to entire folders through the batch processing utility. You have also batch converters which can apply modifications (haven't tried that task you mention, tho) , and my favorite ones in that are irfanview and XnView MP or their standalone converter. This is, in case you want to do it in batch mode, for a bunch of files. If you need a server app doing it or to pipe it to an app working locally to make certain workflow, without user interaction, then the way to go is imagemagik , by command line, is super flexible, and cross platform (windows, linux, mac). Free and open source. Is used both by regular users but also integrated in a server so that whatever PHP code or whatever uses it in an automated way. You can do virtually any sort of image edit or combination with it. Is not easy to learn, but very fast to execute (one you handle it, you know the commands and parameters, is all done in a single command line, even super complex operations).

For just one random case,  I'd just open one image in anything like gimp, Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Paint.net, Clip Studio, and make "canvas size" (not image size!!) as bigger as what is adding the width in pixels of the other image, but setting the pivot center of the canvas size operation on one of the side margins, so that it adds all new pixels to the left, or the right.. Open that image apart, select all (ctrl +a, ususally) and ctrl + c . And in the enlarged canvas file, paste this second image, and move it to fill the white empty space. Setting snapping on, and to snap to document bounds and layers would make it way easier and faster, and the work more accurate. 

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