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32 gb ram for editing and streaming

I recently asked my self is 16gb ram enough for editing and streaming. I know that 16gb ram is enough for gaming but is it the same for editing and streaming?

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Depends on the quality of streaming/recording.

E.g. when doing video editing at 1080p60fps, I stay well below the 16GB mark of my PC (including having Chrome open and such), while if I have 4K60fps footage I'm working with, I could go to 99%/100% usage.

During recording gameplay (with CPU encoding), I typically don't exceed 16GB usage either. That is usually at settings well above 1080p60fps. I reckon that will be about the same with streaming.. Although depending on the game, they could use a lot of memory too.

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I only have 16gb ramz .. I edit in UE4 just fine.. also, I am able to do a single pc stream to twitch with my setup, and I do not feel like I am being held back by adding the streaming to my normal gaming session.. i7, 16gb, gtx 1080..


I am streaming in 720p because my internet isnt fast enough for 1080, but i suspect that a1080 stream would start to choke my system out a little

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