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PHL BDM4065 (4k 60hz Monitor) is going to die soon

as the title indicates... my PHL BDM4065 (4k 60hz Monitor) is going to die soon .. (purchased 49 months ago) .. its screen is very dim now, and whenever I turn it on for the first time of the day it flickers mightily, and makes me think that this may be the day it just fails to turn on all together ..


I use the monitor as a main monitor for my entertainment center, my gaming monitor, and I also do video game creation on it (unreal editor).. but I am not convinced i need super accurate color accuracy, as I am not the art guy.. i just make the basic levels that get polished by someone else (to be clear, this game creation stuff is just a hobby at this point.)  I would say that I spend equal time doing game creation, and actual gaming (nearly every day) ... and basically every day we will use the monitor as a TV and watch at least 1 hour of DVR'ed shows


I haven't really even narrowed my choices down as of yet, but I am starting to look around for a replacement for my large monitor within the next month, and am looking for ideas from you guys because you guys know more than twitch chat ever did :).. I did look at the recent 4k monitor reviews on LTT's / Youtube last night but didn't see anything that had me thinking that i had found the one i want/need (admittedly, it was 1am and I may not have been actually awake)


Thanks kindly for any input, ideas, or advice you may have :)









must haves:

40" or larger (smaller than 50" preferred as this will be on a desk)

10 bit or better


nice to haves:

High Refresh Rate <-- probably should be considered a must have; but willing to flex on this one

Remote Control



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it has been suggested to me this morning (by my brother) that i should sent my dying monitor to the LTT guys after i replace it.. so they can do a video about repairing failing monitors .. not the worst idea IMO ..

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looks like this one is the best candidate: (only thing listed with higher than 60hz and in the 40" range on pc part picker)




its only 150$ short of being double the price i paid in 2015 for 4k 60hz


would love to find that i missed an option on the market.. or maybe there is something new coming down the pipe that someone has head about?  ..

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