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Rust Server's Ports Doesnt Open...

I'm quite new to servers, but I've set up a Rust server from my PC. The day before I got my wifi change from broadband to fiber I managed to open the needed ports to allow my friends to join my server. After the change of Wifi I can't seem to get the ports open anymore. I've followed every turtorial there is it feels like.


Here's what I've done:

- Set up Port forwarding in my router (see image attached). There's one menu where I can add Port Forwarding under the "Network section", and there's one where I can add directly to the spesific conected device.I've added the same port forward command both places.

- Made a new rule in Windows firewall for the spesific port I want open, in this case: 28015.

- I've made my IP static.

- I've tried to see if the server is possible to connect to if I turn my Firewalls off. No change.

- I've contacted my ISP with them telling me there's really nothing they know or can do about it

- tried enabling DMZ with "Host IP adress" being my computers IPv4 adress while also having selected my PC as host from the drop down menu.


I've contaced my ISP again to ask if they can figure out if the firewall in the router are blocking any ports. They're not allowing me to do anything about the firewall through the router controllers. They said they'll come back to my about that.


I'm also wondering why my SIP keeps loading? Is the ISP relevant to getting the server online and accessable for others?


All help is appreciated!


In advance: Thank you!

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Try removing the private port from the port forwarding?

Also can you connect to the server with IP

Don't forget to @me / quote me for a reply =]



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