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are cities schematics accessible?

Hi as a title

I know that's a pretty general question (and maybe weird, but I would like to collect some data..), so, for schematics I'm referring to the different layers of a city, electric, hydraulic, structural, and etc

sometime I can fishing out some information of some buildings (mostly recent, or famous) from revisions, or dated by the construction of the building itself, but most of them are dated, so kinda useless

so, I was wondering if there was any website, where this type of information where cataloged

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I honestly dont think that is available to the public. But you can surely use Google Maps for free. I mean G.M. gives you allot of information.

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Yes behind a paywall and or city administrations. To be honest even the information cities have don't reflect reality.

For historical data you need the city archive.

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