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An odd question. Can it be done?

Ok, so I'm trying to make a decent retro PC with as many windows os's as possible and the most powerful graphics card possible.  Obviously this presents and issue when running windows 2000 as nobody supports it now.  I wanted to start my retro PC rig from windows 2000 til vista and use 1 card.  My 750 TI has drivers for XP and Vista, bot not for 2000.  My 9800 gtx has a driver for all three, but is not as powerful.  Is it possible to use both cards in the same rig, but assign widows 2000 to the 9800 and xp/vista to the 750 TI?

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people don't really use mismatched cards in systems because compatbility is usually quite an issue. There is a chance that it might work though, and you're not losing much by trying it out.

The only thing is that you will need to plug the monitor to the graphics card that you want to use otherwise you will probably have issue, so basically when booting windows 2000 you will need to switch the input to the 9800 and when using vista or xp you will need to switch input to the 750ti

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