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Hi, I’m new here on the forums and what I’m wondering is if the intel core i5 7400 is going to bottleneck an nvidia gtx 1070. Thank you in advance...




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bottlenecks happen in certain usage cases , not the parts simply existing together in the machine. So no bottleneck will occur from placing a 1070 in a machine with an i5 7400

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I agree that it varies from the programs you are running with those parts. 


I have a i5 6500, 16gb 2666hz RAM and a GTX 1080 -gaming mostly on 144hz monitor 1440p - and I have experienced a lot of bottlenecking in many different games. 


Don't get me wrong, the GTX1080 still owns, but once you get used to those high FPS you want maintain it.  Lately, with the new games I am experiencing more bottlenecking than usual, so I intend to upgrade my Motherboard and CPU to 9th gen.  Switching to 1080p makes very little difference because the card can take it, but the CPU still has more or less the same workload.  Games like Star Craft 2 is particularly frustrating with my outdated CPU.


So I do think you will experience bottlenecking with that rig, but it might not bother you.  BTW See if you can get the 1070ti instead.  Its a much better card, or then aim for 2070.

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