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Latest Windows 10 update problem, KB4517389 repetitive loop causing computer not to sleep

recently found that my computer hasnt gone to sleep on its own in days. noticed fans were not at idle either. opening task manager performance, found that cpu is at constant use, ranging in about 20-30%. opened a command prompt [Win+R, cmd] to run 'powercfg -requests' and found that usocoreworker.exe was preventing sleep. usocoreworker seems to be part of the latest windows update subsystem. opened windows update to find that KB4517389 was stuck at 98% downloading. in command prompt, i ran 'net stop wuauserve' and 'net stop bits', then i emptied the contents of the %windows%/softwaredistribution/downloads folder. in command prompt ran 'net start wuauserve' (which had already restarted on its own) and 'net start bits'. went into windows update, KB4517389 was found and completed, "restart to update" indicator appeared on the power off in start menu. rebooted. "cleaning up" came on the screen prior to OS. in OS, in command prompt, ran 'powercfg -requests' and usocoreworker was still there. reopened windows update and KB4517389 was in a loop of: getting ready, downloading, installing, completed, getting ready.. so i paused windows updates for 7 days. now usocoreworker was gone from 'powercfg -requests' and cpu usage dropped. now the computer goes to sleep as it should. Hopefully enough folks will have the same issue that Microsoft will push a fix for KB4517389. Any other suggestions to get past this update loop?

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an answer sent to me a bleepingcomputer fixed it. manually downloading the cumulative update KB4522355 which deprecated KB4517389, got windows update to the point of "up to date", ergo usocoreworker no longer persisting, which was preventing sleep.

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