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PC for 3 Users (VMs)



i build a pc for 3 vms. Basicly the people who use this machines are doing primar office work. So here the config: https://geizhals.de/?cat=WL-1334772


What i cant figure out is. Every Person has has two monitors so 6 in total. Can i use the Saphire GPRO 6200 which supports 6 monitors to give each vm 2 ports of this card or do i have to put in 3 gpus to solve this problem?

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What software are you using? Any software I've ever used passes the entire GPU through to the VM and can't be passed through to multiple VM's.  So you could have as many monitors as the card / VM OS can support, but only for one VM.

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short answer: yes.


Long answer: You'll have to have a motherboard that will be able to passthrough 3 GPU's and not have IOMMU conflicts.  My motherboard only allows me two x16 PCIe slots on their own group, I use one for a GPU and the other for a USB 3 controller card.  All of the other 1x slots and the 3rd 16x slot are not on their own group.  Even if you have three 16x slots available for GPU passthrough you will need additional slots for USB 3 cards if you want USB hot-plug for dedicated VM's.  If hot-plug is not a necessity you can manually assign individual keyboards and mice (different brands to avoid conflicts) to each VM.


Just noticed you posted a link to the config, some X370 (as well as many other chipsets) boards lose GPU passthrough compatibility with the more recent AGESA BIOS updates.  I had to downgrade my BIOS to get it to work and it's an old enough version that it doesn't support the Ryzen 3000 series.  Luckily I have a ryzen 2700 in my Unraid server.

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