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bluetooth audio between PCs?

My kid got me a wireless headset for my birthday. They're great. They only connect to one source at a time. The better bluetooth adapter is in my main machine, so I hook the headset to it. While the main machine is busy chewing on projects, I have a 2nd machine that i use for netflix. I currently use a 3.5mm audio patch cable from the 2nd machine headphone jack to the mic-in on the 1st machine. System volume is at 50% on the 2nd machine, and on the 1st machine the mic level is at 1, with boost set to 20, with 'listen to mic' enabled. That gets 95% of the crackle out of the line between the machines, and normalizes that feed. I'm not striving for zero latency or audiophile grade capture. I just would like to have 1 less cable across the desk. Can a bluetooth link be established for audio between 2 computers? If so, how? 

Once I achieve that, then I'll drill down into multiple BT connections at once on my 1st machine. The bluetooth platform promised a PAN (Personal Area Network) which I have yet to experience in practice. Thanks in advance for any direction.

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