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1. Budget & Location

Budget - $1750

Location - US


2. Aim

Main Aim - Gaming

Games - Games like Hitman 2, R6, at 1440p Ultra Settings


3. Monitors

I plan on using one 1440p, 144hz monitor for my computer. I do not plan on upgrading to multiple or better monitors in the near future.


4. Peripherals

OS - Windows 10

Keyboard, Mice, etc. - I already have a mouse, headphones, and keyboard ready to go.

Monitor - Looking for a good, 1440p 144hz monitor, around or less than $550.


5. Why are you upgrading?

Previously I have only used low-end to mid-end pre-built laptops for gaming. The one that I currently have is the Lenovo Y700 IdeaPad (https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/ideapad/ideapad-y700-series/Ideapad-Y700-15/p/88IPY700618) and is nearing 3 years old. I game for 5-8+ hours a day, and a 960M just doesn't cover most games from today. Most demanding games like Hitman 2 or R6 only run at 60FPS at the lowest settings and on 1080p (on my Lenovo Y700).


For a while now, I've wanted to upgrade to a high-end gaming PC. However, I have no idea how to do this. Many of my friends know how to build PC's, however their opinions completely vary on computer specs which is why I've turned to the internet for help with that.

The Build:

After scraping the general information from the videos and tutorials I've watched on the basics of each part and what to put inside the PC, I have come up with this selection:



My Questions:

Is there any parts I should swap out or downgrade/upgrade on my build? I'm looking for a 1440p High/Ultra Settings experience on most games.

What monitors are rated well for 1440p, 144hz gaming? I'm looking for a monitor within the $550 range, but I'm willing to pay more if it's a good enough monitor.


Thank you for your help on this topic. Your recommendations will help me to further my crippling gaming addiction.

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The part list you linked is set to private.

Main Desktop: CPU - I9-9900k @5ghz | Mobo - Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master | GPU - Asus ROG STRIX RTX 3090 Gaming OC RAM - G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32GB 3200mhz | AIO - H150i Pro XT | PSU - Evga 850 GQ | Case - Phanteks P500A Digital - White | Storage - Samsung 970 Pro M.2 NVME SSD 512GB / Sabrent Rocket 1TB Nvme / Samsung 860 Evo Pro 500GB / Samsung 970 EVO Plus 2tb Nvme |


TV Streaming PC: Intel Nuc CPU - i7 8th Gen | RAM - 16GB DDR4 2666mhz | Storage - 256GB WD Black M.2 NVME SSD |


Phone: Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G - Deep Black 512GB |


If you ask for a Mid Tower case recommend, I will 90% of the time recommend the Fractal Design Meshify C or S2.

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swapped the ram out for some that was way cheaper (you just miss out on the RGB)  and i swapped the m.2 drives out for some slightly older intel ones that are just as solid but again cheaper and i swapped the psu out as the estimated draw was 400w so 550w should be plenty i also swapped the GPU for the 2060 super as to me its a better gpu than the AMD card but thats just me.

I lurk a lot

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