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It sees you when you're sleeping, don't care if you're awake - Pixel 4 face unlock unlocks your phone regardless if the user is alert or alive

2 minutes ago, ZacoAttaco said:

I understand your point of view, that passcodes are already more secure but I also do feel that biometrics have their place. Especially when implemented correctly. Maybe for a smartphone they're perhaps less secure and more 'beatable' but I think in some commercial applications biometrics have their place.

They have a "place" in that they're marginally more convenient and that's all a lot of people care about. Things like bank applications are often locked behind their own pin code anyway so for most people phone security just isn't that important. Which is why I don't get all the fuss about things like this - if you really care about security beyond not letting your brother read your texts then you should never use biometrics anyway, whereas if you don't then the ability to unlock it with your sleeping face is inconsequential.

I wonder how many people know you can reset a computer's password using the windows repair medium when the bios isn't locked... and yet that has never been considered news, whereas this is reported like a big deal. Biometric security is fundamentally flawed and we should all just accept that; it's just never going to be as secure as a password or even a pin code and it's vastly more complex to implement correctly. That's fine in a lot of situations, you just need to realize what you're dealing with.

Don't ask to ask, just ask... please聽馃え

sudo chmod -R 000 /*

What is scaling and how does it work?Asus PB287Q unboxing!Console alternatives :DWatch Netflix with Kodi on Arch Linux Sharing folders over the internet using SSH Beginner's Guide To LTT (by iamdarkyoshi)

Sauron'stm Product Scores:


Just a list of my personal scores for some products, in no particular order, with brief comments. I just got the idea to do them so they aren't many for now :)

Don't take these as complete reviews or final truths - they are just my personal impressions on products I may or may not have used, summed up in a couple of sentences and a rough score. All scores take into account the unit's price and time of release, heavily so, therefore don't expect absolute performance to be reflected here.

-Lenovo Thinkpad X220 - [8/10]


A durable and reliable machine that is relatively lightweight, has all the hardware it needs to never feel sluggish and has a great IPS matte screen. Downsides are mostly due to its age, most notably the screen resolution of 1366x768 and usb 2.0 ports.

-Apple Macbook (2015) - [Garbage -/10]


From my perspective, this product has no redeeming factors given its price and the competition. It is underpowered, overpriced, impractical due to its single port and is made redundant even by Apple's own iPad pro line.

-OnePlus X - [7/10]


A good phone for the price. It does everything I (and most people) need without being sluggish and has no particularly bad flaws. The lack of recent software updates and relatively barebones feature kit (most notably the lack of 5GHz wifi, biometric sensors and backlight for the capacitive buttons) prevent it from being exceptional.

-Microsoft Surface Book 2 - [Garbage - -/10]


Overpriced and rushed, offers nothing notable compared to the competition, doesn't come with an adequate charger despite the premium price. Worse than the Macbook for not even offering the small plus sides of having macOS. Buy a Razer Blade if you want high performance in a (relatively) light package.

-Intel Core i7 2600/k - [9/10]


Quite possibly Intel's best product launch ever. It had all the bleeding edge features of the time, it came with a very significant performance improvement over its predecessor and it had a soldered heatspreader, allowing for efficient cooling and great overclocking. Even the "locked" version could be overclocked through the multiplier within (quite reasonable) limits.

-Apple iPad Pro - [5/10]


A pretty good product, sunk by its price (plus the extra cost of the physical keyboard and the pencil). Buy it if you don't mind the Apple tax and are looking for a very light office machine with an excellent digitizer. Particularly good for rich students. Bad for cheap tinkerers like myself.

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Badguy: *murders good guy for his phone*

Badguy: *holds phone to good guy鈥檚 face to unlock it*

Won鈥檛 visit often..

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9 minutes ago, Sauron said:

I wonder how many people know you can reset a computer's password using the windows repair medium when the bios isn't locked... and yet that has never been considered news, whereas this is reported like a big deal.

You know, I had heard about this but wasn't sure on the specific details. You make a good point, the media likes to take a story and run with it because it has mass appeal. Even if there are far more ergegious examples out there.

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I read the title to the tune of Santa Clause is coming to town. ??

SNOWHEART - laptop

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MILK聽- desktop

Case: Corsair 4000D Airflow (white)聽|| PSU: EVGA Supernova P2 750w || MB:聽Z490 Gigabyte Aorus Elite AC || CPU: Intel Core i7 10700K聽|| CPU Cooler: Scythe Mugen 5 w/ Kaze Flex RGB fans push/pull || RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB (white) || GPU: Galax GTX 1070 EXOC-SNPR || Storage: WD Black SN750 500GB + Samsung 860 Evo 1TB + Crucial MX500 2TB聽+ SG Firecuda 2TB


Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Elite聽|| Mouse:聽Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum + Razer Basilisk Hyperspeed || Monitor: HP Omen 32 + HP Omen 27i

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On 10/19/2019 at 4:17 AM, NumLock21 said:

I assume it just scans your entire face and there is no iris scanning so it will unlock even with eyes close. Can someone test with their iPhones that uses FaceID.

Hey I tested this out this weekend (or had my gf test it out rather)

Wont ever ever ever unlock with my eyes closed.

Also doesn't unlock when my eyes are open and my face is in front of the phone and centered but i'm not looking directly at the phone. I actually see it unlock the moment I turn my sight to the phone.

Works pretty darn good, still unlocks in the dark, when i'm wearing a hoodie, when my face is partially covered because i am smoking and have my hand in front of my face,... Sunglasses make it not want to unlock though.

NEW RYZEN BUILD CPU: AMD 3800X (4.275 @ 1.325V) Motherboard: Asus STRIX X570-E GPU: MSI RTX 2080 SEA HAWK EK X RAM: 16GB G.Skill 3600MHz/CL14聽 PSU: Corsair RM850x Case: NZXT H700 White Cooling: EK Velocity + MSI EK 2080 block + D5 pump + 360mm rad + 280mm rad
WHAT MY GF INHERITED CPU: Intel i7-6700K (4.7GHz @ 1.39v) Motherboard: Asus Z170 Pro GPU: Asus GTX 1070 8GB RAM: 32GB Kingston HyperX Fury Hard Drive: WD Black NVMe SSD 512GB Power Supply: XFX PRO 550W聽 Cooling: Corsair H115i Case: NZXT Switch 810 (white) Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64bit Monitor: AOC 27" QHD 144Hz Keyboard: Corsair K70 Mouse: Razer DeathAdder Elite Audio: Bose QC25
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We can argue all day about whether biometric tech is good or bad or whatever, but my question is why didn't Google give us聽choice? Give the customers options in case they prefer one over the other? Like have iris scanning, face unlock, fingerprint and PIN/password...many different ways so customers can choose? Their newest phone seems to me to be forcing customers to use certain tech, kinda like removing the headphone jack. We're slowly being backed into a corner and our options are becoming fewer with each generation.

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4 hours ago, Stylized_Violence said:

why didn't Google give us聽choice? Give the customers options in case they prefer one over the other? Like have iris scanning, face unlock, fingerprint and PIN/password...

actually i wonder why Apple and Google et al didn't have a setting that requires two unlock factors. like FaceID AND passcode ._.

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On 10/19/2019 at 1:30 AM, Brooksie359 said:

I don't even get this whole arms race of biometrics. I just use a pin and it seems to work fine. Also why in the world is everyone so freaked out about the security of their phone? I can't think of a single thing on my phone that I would be worried about if someone got ahold of it.聽

I have mobile banking, plus all my contact information. I would be more concerned if it was a corporate phone, where this would be a greater concern

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