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Online Store Selling Incompatible Hardware?!

It seems that some online stores are selling "Upgrade Kits" that include New generation CPU's but with last gen "compatible" Motherboards. Which, in all technicality, is a good way to move older stock and since its still supported. No issues... Right? With both Intel and AMD upgrade kit options, a good amount of very budget friendly and darn good spec bundles include the latest Gen CPU's with the last Gen Supported Motherboards. The issue is they sell these upgrade kits without Properly warning the buyer that their new CPU and Motherboard are NOT compatible out of the box.


These kits assume you are upgrading from a 1st or 2nd gen Ryzen to a 3rd Gen and can update the BOIS to a betaBIOS which supports your new CPU using your old one, and similarly with Intel. Most commonly with "B" series Motherboards. However you may very likely be upgrading from a 6th gen Intel to the New Ryzen 7 3700X or whatever... and CANNOT update the BIOS yourself.


Example: https://www.evetech.co.za/amd-ryzen-5-3400g-prime-b450m-k-8gb-ddr4-upgrade-kit/best-deal/6373.aspx




With the X470 and B450 chipsets AMD is guaranteeing official support all the way from the first-gen Ryzen 1000 processors through to the Ryzen 3000 chips, with or without integrated graphics.

The situation with the 3rd Gen compatibility with 300-series boards is a little more complicated, however. AMD is working with its motherboard partners to figure out which of the older series boards is most popular with gamers out in the wild to see whether they can be patched to support the new chips.

“Our partners are looking at the most prolific boards in X370 and B350,” says Woligroski, “and if they can upgrade them with beta BIOSes, they’re doing that.”


Source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/amd-ryzen-3000-cpus-x570-x470-b450-motherboard-performance



I am a PC technician and see this too often where no one can assist the buyers to get their new Components working, since not many stock 2nd Gen Ryzen to be opened just to update a BIOS. 


If you are considering to purchase any of there 'Upgrade Kits" please do a bit more research whether you may even be able to use your new tech.


Edit: Also just found this:



Short Term Processor Loan Boot Kit

AMD will offer affected and qualified users (as described below) an AMD Athlon 200GE Processor, including thermal solution, for short-term use ("boot kit") to perform the BIOS update on their motherboard.

This short-term processor loan or boot kit is offered through AMD warranty services and is available only for qualified users that:

  1. Have made a valid purchase of a 3rd Gen Ryzen™ Desktop Processor and;
  2. Are unable to boot that processor because the user’s current X470/B450 BIOS must be upgraded first.

This service is free of charge with the following condition:

Once you have submitted your claim for a processor loan boot kit, AMD will require pictures of your 3rd  Gen Ryzen™ Desktop Processor and AMD Socket AM4 400 Series motherboard, which clearly shows the model numbers and unique serial numbers as well as a copy of the purchase invoice(s) to authorize the request. Additionally, a summary or copy of communication with the motherboard manufacturer is requested to indicate why support from the Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) is not suitable.

Once the RMA request is approved, the AMD Athlon 200GE processor will be sent with pre-paid return shipping. The processor is provided as a temporary loan to you for the sole purpose of updating the BIOS and must be returned within 10 business days of receipt. It is not necessary to return the provided thermal solution.

To obtain the boot kit, please carefully follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the AMD online warranty claims page: https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/warranty-information/rma-form
  2. Fill in your full contact and product details (3rd Gen Ryzen Processor OPN number and serial number)
  3. In the Problem Description field enter "Boot kit Required" (without quotes)

NOTE: The product must be a valid AMD processor with authentic OPN and serial number.

Once the claim is received and approved, confirmation details and boot kit instructions will be provided in a follow up email.

Source: https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/faq/pa-100




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MSI motherboard don't need a compatible CPU for Bios update. You can flash Bios using any USB flashdrive without CPU installed. 

Main system: i7 8700k 5Ghz / Asus Prime Z370-A / Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB 3000Mhz / Gigabyte RTX2080 Aorus Extreme / EVGA 750W GQ / Fractal Design Meshify C

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1 hour ago, PopsicleHustler said:

MSI motherboard don't need a compatible CPU for Bios update. You can flash Bios using any USB flashdrive without CPU installed. 

I agree, I used a bad example. However, I think the buyer should at least be aware of this type of kit. Also not every kit does have a board that supports it. ?


I have to admit I was a bit overzealous when posting the example link. Thanks for pointing that out, you are correct that there are a few Boards that do support BIOS updates without CPUs. Which is why I said to do research before purchasing. guess I should have taken my own advise when writing the post. ?


Also please don't see this as a rant against "EVETECH" as a company. i just want people to be a bit more thorough when buying parts.

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