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Cheapest box will play Freecell

OK I get it.  

My father in law gets up every morning and plays Freecell on some old computer that finally died.

I was thinking I could buy one of these ultra cheap linux computers on a board and make it boot directly into Freecell.

Would that be very difficult?
Has to be bulletproof.  Just power on and work.

What would be the cheapest option?

Would like usb mouse, and HDMI video.


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Maybe something like this? 




– 1.2 Ghz Quad-Core ARM Cortex A53 64-Bit Processor. Executes both 64 and 32 Bit for scalable high performance.

– Dual I/O expansion slots

– Dual Core Mali 400 MP2 Graphics card

– 512MB DDR3 Memory

– Integrated Display engine with HDMI 1.4a

– 10/100Mbps Ethernet Port

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If he seriously only plays Freecell, you could just dig up another old ancient PC that can run Windows 95, and install it with pretty much everything else left out of the installation. 95 will fit on 35mb of space, or even less (forget how small I pared it down to, back in the day). Once installed, you can edit the system.ini file so the "shell=" ends with freecell.exe instead of explorer.exe - so it'll literally boot straight into Freecell.


I actually used to do this kind of edit to the shell line to screw with people, notably my own father, when he wouldn't share the supposed 'house' computer with anyone else because he had 'important work to do', and yet only sat there playing Solitaire. Well, I made sure that's all he could do. Got the point across for a while. Then I built my mother, myself, and helped my brother build systems, to end the domination games.

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