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Moving everything to a new build

Soon I will be building a brand new machine and will need to migrate everything onto this new one as painless as possible.

If I use a HDD imaging tool like Macrium Reflect to make an image and restore that image on the new machine (with all new parts, cpu and mobo etc..)  Will there be any problems?  I'm thinking that taking an image of a machine with a different cpu/mobo will cause problems being restored to a machine with a new cpu/mobo.  I don't know why I think there will be driver issues and what not.


What's the best way to go about this?



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Best thing to do is to use the current install of (I assume) Windows with the new system, make sure things work. Which it should do with W10 and Linux.

Make sure to uninstall all drivers before putting it in the new system though.

It is entirely possible for things to break, more so the further apart the old and new systems are. So ensure you have backups of all important data.


Once you've confirmed things are working correctly, you can then use something like Clonezilla to clone the install to the new drive.


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