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My friend gave me a 2008 iMac. It had Fedora installed. I was trying to remove fedora and installed Mac OS. Now the only thing that will load is the Grub command line (See picture). I've tried all of the mac recovery key combinations. I've tried booting to a Windows 10 USB and a Linux USB. I don't have access to another mac. Would buying a Mac OSX install CD work? Or am I out of luck. 



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You’ll need a macOS bootable USB to boot from so you can formate the drive. 

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See section "Use Startup Mangaer" in https://support.apple.com/en-hk/HT202796 on how to select a different boot media.

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Command + R Should boot into the Recovery partition which should not have been erased. If it has been you can try and find a bootable disk if that is what you choose to do.


If you know anyone with a Mac and they are willing to let you borrow it you can follow this guide to make yourself a bootable USB.



Side Note: Someitmes you will have to change the date to the day you downloaded the installer I have seen it have issues so if you download it and wait a little while just keep this in mind. Does not always matter but I have seen it mess up before in my experience.

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