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Kleer gaming headset recommendations, or should I upgrade bluetooth?

I have an HP envy that included a Kleer (KleerNet) audio transmitter. I have not been able to find any headsets (headphones + mic) that say they will connect to this laptop. I.e.: sennheiser makes Kleer headsets, but they are configured to use only the sennheiser transmitter which is externally powered with an audio line-in. I would like to buy a headset that connects to the Kleer transmitter in this laptop. I have tried bluetooth headsets, but there is too much delay in the audio for gaming. Alternatively, if i could find a bluetooth 4.0 module to fit in place of the bluetooth 3.0 module that is inside the laptop, perhaps that would remove the delay? I have considered replacing the bluetooth module anyhow due to the ability to use my m720 mouse without the usb unifying receiver - but I have not seen any performance lag comparisions of bluetooth vs. usb unifying receivers.

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