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When i boot my computer it skips all bios flash screen (i gues that's what it's called?) and loading, and goes to a loading screen similar to the one in windows xp just green, and no logo. It just sais Copyright © Microsoft corporation or something. I have tried to spam the delete button, and holding shift while restarting, and going to uefi boot thing button. Nothing gets me into the bios.


 Any suggestions?



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Sounds like someone enabled Fast Boot. You can refer to your motherboards manual on what key(s) will get you into the BIOS (normally DEL is one of them). The alternative option would be to reset CMOS and re-enter what BIOS options you customized (excluding Fast Boot).

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When pressing F8 it said entering boot menu, but that just sendt me to a black and white version of the windows recovery. If i need to reset CMOS, how do i do that?

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F2 or delete. May not actually see the option come up on the screen but it should still enter it. Just spam it. 


Only time I had issues was with multiple monitors and using the igpu. Wouldn’t always wake the monitor so just assumed it froze or something. 

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Well i tried to remove the battery on the motherboard for a minute or two (apparently resets CMOS?). Only change is that the loading screen has changed to a white bar across the entire screen.

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You can unplug the boot drive to force the system into BIOS.  

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Well nothing displayed doing that, so i tried to use a hdmi instead and that fixed it.


Thanks for the help!

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