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Voices from my PC

Last night, 1.10.2019. at around 23:50 I started hearing voices from my PC speakers (attached file is a voice recording of it). The speech persisted for the following ~5 min repeating the same at thing random intervals until I shut down the PC. After recollecting myself I turned it on again (its about 00:00 now) the PC booted up with no problems or stuttering after a few minutes the sound started again, repeating the same thing over and over again.
I have recorded it with my phones microphone and attached the clearest part of it.The sound did not comply with any of the basic windows or physical changes. Changing the volume level in windows did not affect the voice at all, while if I turned the volume knob on my speakers it would do the opposite than normal: turning the volume down made the voice louder; Turning the volume up made it quieter.
This morning the voice did not come back after the PC being turned on for a couple of hours, I have ran a Malwarebytes scan and it removed a few harmful files.
If anyone could make out what the voice is saying or what caused it I would be very thankful.
I will keep this post updated for any further noticeable events.
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This is better suited as a Status Update. 


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