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Sudden speed from 0 RPM RTX 2060 SUPER INNO3D

I just bought inno3d rtx 2060 super twin x2 last week, but i just found out about the ugly side of this card today,
1. static noise type coil whine on 3d works

2. sudden speed gpu fan when starting on fan from 0 rpm unnecessarily to 2500-3000 rpm first then slowing down to target rpm

3. this card is hot af

4.60% fan speed / 2200 rpm equals ears r*pe


so my question is, is it normal? if it is, does changing fan curve to stay at least 5-10% will help my problem and still prolong the life of my gpu or it will decrease it?

thank you


here it is my current fan curve, please let me know you have better config ^^


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i  just got the same card and mine also gets hot to 84c in games when at 100% on gpu andmy  fan  dose  that  fan  drop  for a second and  thenback  up but iv noticed its when nothing is on  the screen  even  for  half a  second  it will do it. in the end it  dosent effect mine  in temps but  it is a hot gpu since its one of the  best preforming oced stock  2060 supers.  igetthe same preformance as a GTX 1080ti.im atm trying to  find a  water cooling block  or CPU addaptor  so i can put my spare 360mm cpu cooler on it.this is my one iv put on here hoping some one can help. 


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32 minutes ago, Yukha said:

you're mental dude.. hope it'll be fit nicely

lol thanks.i had it my R9 290x witch  in games was at 97c and it made it run at 47c max in games once i  put that on it

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yea i did a 500mhz oc on the memory and 50mhz oc on the core to get to 2200mhz core so deff need better cooling now.

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