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Team Group Vulcan Z DDR4 3200 MHz Low Profile RAM

Hi guys. Decided to share a quick review regarding some RAM I have found from Team Group that seam to me to be a best buy. But more importantly that they will let me install the Alpenföhn Black Ridge low profile cooler in the Dan A4 v4 SFX case. Until that cooler arrives I decide to share some thoughts on the Vulcan-Z. Other popular choice for that are, of course the Corsair Vengeance LPXs, but I wanted to give these a try as well.


They come up to 16GB kits all the way to 3200 MHz and are 32.8 mm in height (Just shy of the 33mm limit for the Black Ridge – still fingers crossed lol).

Here they are compared to my 53 mm tall Night Hawks RGB ones. Missing the RGB though but sometimes you can't have everything.


Then I decided to try to OC them. Exactly like the Night Hawks, I squeezed another ‘free’ 200 MHz just from the XMP/DOCP profile without any changes for voltages, latencies etc.

Did some quick tests which show some gains and Witcher 3 profited from those extra increase in bandwidth – 1 or 2 fps as an average. 


I am not that into OC’ing so I didn’t feel the need to push them further than 1.45v for 3600 MHz. They survived a Cinebench R15 but failed the AIDA64 benchmark. With some extra fiddling I am sure they could be stable but again not my main interest especially since they have A-Die chips which shouldn’t OC that high as the B-Die ones but still quite impressed with the extra free stock profile headroom. My only complain is mainly to aesthetics, maybe they should offer more heatsink color options to match more system schemes.


I will update with extra pictures how everything comes into place when my new CPU coolers arrives.

Thank you






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  • 3 months later...

OK. So yes they are a perfect fit for the Black Ridge cooler with even plenty of space left. 







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