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Mac egpu: 30bit colors? different type of cards? I’m lost...


I have a few questions about the current situation with thunderbolt egpu, and I hope some of you will be able to help me sort things out.
Already found conflicting info on the internet, and also for conflicting infos from local Apple stores, so I’m really lost.

First thing first: can I get 30bit colors using an egpu even if
1) the Mac doesn’t support 30bit colors out through thunderbolt (eg: the MacBook Air)
2) I’m using a consumer-grade graphic card, such as a Radeon RX 5700

The chain would be: computer—>thunderbolt 3 egpu—>display

Under Windows, no choice, one must use a professional graphic card. I was wondering if the situation was the same under MacOS since Apple provide their own drivers.

Second question, more to satisfy my curiosity than any real plan: can I use a egpu consumer graphic card and a egpu pro graphic card with the same computer, such as a Radeon RX 5700 and a FirePro?

AMD told me it doesn’t work on Windows due to drivers incompatibility. They were very vague about the Mac.

Thanks a lot 

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technically you can flash the cards to their workstation alternatives, but it seems you need a Pro level workstation card otherwise. 



also if you are doing anything at the Pro level, the Navi cards are pretty useless at anything other than gaming. 

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