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Internet Connection Issues

Hi everyone, I've been having a problem regarding my computer's connection and i don't know how to fix the problem.


Sometimes when i launch applications like Steam, Battle net or even League Of Legends, the application says that there is no connection at all, but then i launch google and try looking for something and i do have connection. For example about three days ago i played with some friends LOL while chatting with them via discord, but when the game was about to start, i "lost" the connection to the game, because the launcher said that it was impossible to reconnect, also i lost connection to discord but i was able to keep playing, i tried closing and launching again discord but it never connect. I tried reinstalling my Ethernet drivers and that seemed to work but it was just a temporary solution before having the same issues again. I think that it could be a Windows 10 issue because when returning to Windows 8.1 i didn't the connection issue at all.       

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Give us some more info.  What hardware do you have and describe your network setup.  Can't help without info.

Current Rig
AMD Ryzen 3700X - Asus ROG Strix X570-E - 32 GB GSkill TridentZ RGB
GeForce GTX 1080Ti - Samsung 840 Pro 256GB - Silverstone TJ07

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As for hardware: Motherboard is GA-970A-DS3P, CPU AMD FX 8350, GPU  Nvidia geforce gtx 960 (GV-N960G1 GAMING-4GD), RAM HyperX Kingston Fury 8GB 1866MHz DDR3, POWER SUPPLY EVGA 0600-K1 80 PLUS Bronze, 24-pin ATX, 120mm, 600W. Is that enough ?


And by network setup you mean how's my PC connected ? if so, the computer it's connected to a Tp-link 150mbps Tl-wr741nd 1 Antenna which is connected via Ethernet cable to the main router which is an EnGenius Wireless cloud router (2.4 GHz Wireless N300 IoT Cloud Router w/Built-In Switch). 


It's worth mentioning that my laptop's OS is windows 10 and is also connected to the same TP Link router with an Ethernet cable but i don't have the disconnection issue with it, i also checked the cable just in case it was that but it works just fine. Maybe it's the motherboard ? My brother has the 2nd revision of the motherboard that i have and he doesn't have this kind of issues.   




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I remembered that we have a  wifi adapter, i'll try connecting it to the computer, and test it for a while. If it doesn't disconnect while playing then it could be the motherboard, right ?

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