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PC Random Reboots and Freezing

Go to solution Solved by RafaelSoaresP,

It sounds like a RAM issue. Try to clean the contacts and the slot CAREFULLY.
Also, are you monitoring your temps? 

I assembled a PC few months ago and it was working fine till yesterday.The problem is whenever I try to launch a game it starts and after couple of minutes it freezes and automatically reboot.I unchecked auto reboot in Advanced system settings but now instead of rebooting it freezes the screen and I can't do anything but reboot manually.And after the PC restart there is no issue at all, no reboots, nothing...I was able to play long sessions without reboot or freezes.I wonder how this happens.


Here are my specs

Intel i5 8400


GTX 1060 6GB

PSU : Corsair TX650M Gold

Could it be the PSU.?

Can anyone help me out with this..?

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12 hours ago, Albert Leo said:


Could it be the PSU.?



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Had similar problems a year or 2 ago and ended up being a bad ram stick. Ran the memtest off a flash drive and it found the errors, shared that info with the ram manufacture (corsair) and they sent me a new set. No more freezes or reboots since. 

Setup: 8700k - Asus Maximus Formula X - EVGA XCII 2080ti - 2x16GB ddr4 3000 - EVGA G3 1000w - Carbon Cablemod Cables- Custom EKWB cooling loop - phanteks enthoo luxe 2

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