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How should one get into Programming?

If one has been wanting to begin programming for a while now, I wanted to know how or where to start. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Intro classes at local community colleges are great options. 

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Luckily for you, Humble Bundle has a super great bundle full of books on beginners Python.




I'd get the 1$ bundle, read through maybe some of each of them and try out some of the exercises in those. Not regarding the title for it, the "Python for Kids" book is really well written and will give you a smooth introduction to algorithms and the weird syntax/maths behind stuff 

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Python is the best way to start since it is user friendly and a pretty popular language. Then get into some Javascripting or Lua, and then the difficult languages without any experience with Javascripting or Lua is C++. Wait till you get into the MIPS stuff; that is where you go into banging sticks and stones to program, cause it is just a single threaded language which you would probably want to understand but not learn it. There are other languages that I have not touched but they will be easy when you get the hang of it.

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I'm going to recommend something different and more enjoyable. Get Game Maker Studio (any version) and make some simple games using both drag and drop and their GML scripting language. Even the drag and drop system will teach you the programming logic, but try to learn GML as much as you can.


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Just start writing stuff. Find a resource that teaches the basics, follow it until you can make something and then just play with what you know. There are infinite possibilities for starter projects and some of them may even be something you might personally want to have so try to find them. Ideally they're really short and easy projects and you won't get too attached to them as when you're learning you should always be ready to abandon/restart a project. Basically, you'll be constantly learning stuff that had you known it when you began you'd probably have done everything differently so keep projects short and don't fear jumping to something else instead of slogging out a project that's already taught you most of what it could teach you.

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On 8/30/2019 at 6:38 AM, kaankayis said:

I wanted to know how or where to start.

When I started, I read other people's code, I modified it, I looked at what happened (or didn't happen).

I tried a programming book once (about Visual Basic), but it is so boring to just type listings into an IDE...

Write in C.

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