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Any high resolution 16:10 monitors?

Basically the title's question.


Context: I'm looking for a 16:10 monitor, and they all seem to cap at 1920x1200, 24'' sizes. I own a Dell U2415 of exactly those specs, but I'm trying to see if there is any upgrade path from that within the 16:10 aspect ratio. 16:10 has already been a minority thing for a while, but since the mentoned 24'', 1920x1200 models came out (more or less together with 1080p popularity in 16:9) it seems to have gone from minority to non-existent, and I can't find 1440p-4K equivalent on 16:10. I don't think I've even seen newer 1920x1200 displays, it's just the same models from back then still being sold.


So, are you aware of any 16:10 monitor exceeding 1920x1200 (and, second to that, exceeding 24'')? o.O

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Going off PCPartPicker's filters (easy way to have a quick look-see for hardware) they go up to 2560x1600, cheapest one still for sale is a 30" Dell for $1000: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/FKX2FT/dell-up3017-300-60hz-monitor-up3017


So, uh... they seem to be very rare and extremely overpriced. IDK if that's due to low stock, never updating the price since they were made, or what. But unless you absolutely must have 16:10 I'd go for a more "normal" aspect ratio, 16:10 seems to have been phased out for the most part. 

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The UP3017 is the only current model under $1,000, but if you're open to the used market, there are plenty of options, like the older U3014, U3011, or Apple Cinema HD 30.

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I love the 16:10 aspect ratio, I recently managed to turn all 4 monitors into 16:10 monitors and am so happy with it. :D


One of my monitors is the Dell U3011, a massive 30 inch 2560x1600 display, and I love it a lot. :) It was gifted to me so I don't know how much it would be worth second hand, but perhaps you can get it for relatively cheap as people who got it for work might be getting rid of it in favour for a 4k display (which is how I got mine).

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The Sony GDM FW900 is a 24" monitor with an aspect ratio of 16:10 and a resolution of 2303x1440, these seem to be hard to find and are expensive.

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