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Are pinmods even a thing still? (Ryzen)

As old school ocer. I was wondering if pinmods are still able to cause magic? Arr there even people or places i can check or read that try this? (yes i lack money for destroying cpus+mobos) Just made me wonder today.... Thinking of all that hardware EZ modding.... Cutting copper pins..... Cutting in cpus..... Good ol days... Let me know please ? 


PS: i am reffering to ryzen cpu's


Cheers, GB

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probably not. 


its more likely you get an odd batch from AMD where its a r5 1400 CPU with 6 cores (which i believe happened to one guy who visited the forum)

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Yeh i have seen all those, bad cuts!? I would really try some if i had sum spares hehe. Couldnt really find any info about it since todays internet is full of pc building newbs and oc pages are not what they were used to be lol. I wont give up hope there must be some super nerd like myself ld with huge pack of no life and wanting to do pinmods on ryzen or anything hardware mod related cause thats just amazing. Dont tell me i would be the only one. The current processors just seem to have locked threads and are probably laser cut? 

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