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I saw the LTT video about RAM speeds and XMP overclocks and I have this overclock (think I got the same RAM as they used) boosting  my RAM from 2330 MHz to 3600 MHz. 
Now, Linus mentions that even if the system seems stable now (I've stress tested the memory without problems at this time), it can start failing down the line. 


This leads me to think that I'm risking damage to my system having this overclock. Is it better to just turn off XMP or maybe lower the overclock to a bit under 3600 MHz?


I don't want to risk damaging my system, but I don't want to miss out on the higher clock speeds that I paid for.

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What exact ram do you have? Just select one of the xmp profiles in bios and be sweet. All will be autoloaded. 

If you want to manually tinker with times disregard my comment 


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All XMP does is sets your ram to run at its advertised speed without user having to input shit ton of values. There is no such thing as "XMP overclock"

mY sYsTeM iS Not pErfoRmInG aS gOOd As I sAW oN yOuTuBe. WhAt IS a GoOd FaN CuRVe??!!? wHat aRe tEh GoOd OvERclok SeTTinGS FoR My CaRd?? HoW CaN I foRcE my GpU to uSe 1o0%? BuT WiLL i HaVE Bo0tllEnEcKs? 

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xmp is tested fully by the manufacturer, and without raising voltage too much you do little to no damage


and people even overclock their ram past it, like me

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34 minutes ago, Levent said:

All XMP does is sets your ram to run at its advertised speed without user having to input shit ton of values. There is no such thing as "XMP overclock"

XMP may be an overclock, from the CPU perspective, if the ram is rated at a higher speed than the CPU officially supports.


Generally the risk at running XMP is minimal. At worst, the ram and mobo don't like each other and will typically not work, particularly applies to higher speed modules.


You could also use XMP as a starting point for a manual overclock. Find the fastest speed that works, then back off a bit to give more headroom. Of course, testing is required to verify.

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1 hour ago, Stormseeker9 said:

What exact ram do you have?

These: Corsair 64GB (4x16GB) DDR4 3600MHz CL18 Vengeance LPX

And my CPU is an Intel Core i9 7960X 2.8 GHz 22mb

And my motherboard is an ASUS WS X299 SAGE


Enabled the XMP profile, but disabled Asus multi-core handling since I only have a 750w power so I don't want the board to overclock past Intels specs.

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